“Our Story”

We live in an ever more complex, highly technical, and digital world, where the number of channels and the way we communicate with others continues to expand. We’re more and more comfortable using personal assistants such Alexa and Google and using apps to turn on the lights and our heating. And artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of ChatGBT and similar is becoming normalised in our everyday conversations.

All this means that technology is an integral part of our work and home life, so let’s embrace it, and make it work for us in the best way possible. These technological advancements and the excitement around what they can deliver has driven our founders’ conviction and passion to enable frictionless technology that works in harmony with your people and your business processes.

Back in 2005, Mark and Rob created Platform 365 with a clear vision to create a client-focused approach to IT support that embraces technology, and makes it accessible for clients. Their desire was to share their wealth of knowledge with smaller businesses, affording them access to the robust systems and infrastructure that will benefit their businesses. But more than that, the goal was clear – to enable clients to work smarter and achieve the best possible outcomes from their IT systems and technology.

Mark and Rob are proud of their continual focus on excellence throughout the business. It’s part of the culture within Platform 365. As a result of this passion, Mark and Rob have taken Platform 365 to new heights, by successfully completing the rigorous ISO accreditation.

Mark and Rob get excited about the latest technology, and being early adopters, they’ve learned a lot on their journey prior and post forming of Platform 365. Our founders have a long heritage of working in multinational corporations, delivering user support and building IT infrastructure services. Individually, their CV includes heading up large specialist teams servicing demanding internal clients, developing and implementing processes that drove business efficiency.

Sharing this knowledge and encouraging others to learn and grow is how Mark and Rob have grown the business. They have built an enviable team here at Platform 365, and it’s the dedication of that team that enables us to deliver the best possible service to our customers, and has been the building blocks for our success.

Taking those learnings from big corporations, to support and enable smaller businesses be the best they can is part of Mark and Rob’s ethos. And a passion and excitement for the latest and shiniest new gadget or tech. But the real love and skill comes from utilising and adopting the right mix of tech for your business.

The magic is still there – IT really is in our DNA.

Mark & Rob

Platform 365 – all you need to know in 60 seconds

  • Based in Canary Wharf, London
  • Work with businesses and schools in London, the South East and throughout the UK, Asia and North America
  • 95% of our new business comes from client referral
  • Network of approved partners to provide Procurement, Hosting, Infrastructure Cabling and Telecommunications
  • Key strength is our team.

Our Team

From our inception in 2005 we have built a team of experienced and attentive analysts. People that we have worked with over many years at previous organisations. IT professionals that have an aptitude for client care and a natural ability to understand technology within the business place.

The result is a group of highly experienced individuals who understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and the creation of a highly motivated, team atmosphere.

Without a doubt the strength of our team underpins our success.

Why Us?

The best people to give you the answer to that question is our clients! There are many testimonials detailed within our website but even better than that, our clients are always happy to share their experience of us with whoever wants to listen.

We believe there are four key reasons as to why we are a class above our competitors:-

Although we understand that we are initially just another supplier to our clients, our goal is for them to eventually see us as an extension of their workforce. We realise that everyone is different. Some clients like to have regular meetings to review service and others prefer us to get on with it, on the understanding that the Mark and Rob are only a phone call away if required.

A partner rather than a provider

Open and collaborative relationships

Above all else, having open and collaborative relationships with our clients is essential. We believe that this should work both ways and prefer to know if there is a problem so we can do something about it.

There is no “introductory rate” with Platform 365. We don’t get you to sign the contract and then leave you hanging! Our success derives from the quality of pre and post-sales support we provide to our clients. We understand what our clients need from an IT support provider to enable them to focus on their business and we deliver.

Quality of pre and post-sales support


We trust our team. They are handpicked IT specialists all driven by an enthusiasm for technology and helping people. However, if there is ever a situation where a client wants to speak to the directors of the company Mark and Rob are just a phone call away.

Why choose Platform 365 for your IT support?

“I’ve 20 years experience in education and IT. During that time I’ve been a Senior Leader and Head Teacher in primary and secondary settings. My role now is to help your school achieve excellence with EdTech solutions.”

Jo Roberts, Schools Development Manager, Platform 365

ISO accreditation

What Our Clients Say

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We’d be pleased to speak with you for a free initial consultation. We will listen and understand the challenges you’re facing and, when you’re ready, be available to support you and your school community.

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