Time and time again we meet with prospective clients that have put up with poor service because they are concerned that their business will be disrupted if they switch IT support suppliers.

When you choose to work with Platform 365 this could not be further from the truth.

We have a robust service transition process, that we have carried out many times before, which can accommodate any requirement – from supporting internal systems to a fully hosted solution.

All our transitions are performed out of hours ensuring zero down-time.

The service transition process would cover tasks such as:

  • Undertake a full system audit and documentation process
  • Document current problems and create a plan to resolve them
  • Make contact with the old IT services provider and collate the required information
  • Setup new environment (if hosted) and run User Acceptance Training (UAT)
  • Produce a project plan, with deliverables, and share with the client for sign-off
  • Implement the plan and provide on-site support until the client is 100% satisfied

Common concerns

Our old IT supplier won’t be happy and will cause us problems

We would be lying if we said that all IT suppliers are extremely helpful when in this position!  However, we have never experienced a situation where the client has been affected. You should also bear in mind that there is not a lot we actually need from the current provider as we undertake our own full system audit. So, as long as we have the appropriate access, we can do it all ourselves.

It is very rare that you would have longer than a three month notice period on your existing contract. Although we are able to take on support at a moment’s notice, and have done many times, we like wherever possible a four week period.

If you have up to three months left on your contract, Platform 365 will take on the support and not charge you until your current contract has expired, therefore you will not be paying twice for the same service.

We can’t move from our IT support provider because we are in contract

There might be hidden costs

Rest assured there are no hidden costs. Platform 365 commit to a fixed monthly cost for the length of the contract. Our proposals clearly show what is in scope and what is out of scope, so you have complete transparency and can, therefore, budget accordingly.

For us the contract is just something we have to do. We offer any length of contract and any length of notice period. It is entirely down to the client and what they are comfortable with.

I don’t want to sign up for a long-term contract

Our staff won’t know who to call

You can contact our help desk via e-mail or telephone or directly from your device via an icon that we install onto everyone’s desktop. You will also have direct contact details for your account manager. 

Why choose Platform 365 for your IT support?

“I’ve 20 years experience in education and IT. During that time I’ve been a Senior Leader and Head Teacher in primary and secondary settings. My role now is to help your school achieve excellence with EdTech solutions.”

Jo Roberts, Schools Development Manager, Platform 365

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