What we offer

  • Management and support of your ICT infrastructure under an end to end managed service
  • Unlimited remote and onsite support
  • Business class service
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Upfront, cost effective pricing, from day one                 
  • Maintenance of a secure and resilient GDPR compliant IT environment
  • Increased network scalability
  • Proactive, flexible approach to service delivery that can easily adapt to future requirements
  • Continuous improvement against an agreed plan, working in partnership with your school to harness the benefits of technology for your students
  • Help and guidance with all aspects of ICT within a school environment
  • Proven track record with schools and multi academy trusts
  • Experience in rationalisation and consolidation of IT provision within a multi academy trust setting, including servers, hardware and software, to simply the IT footprint
  • All IT support and expertise is in-house and based in the UK, no offshore support
  • Support coverage based around your academic year, resource to cope with peak times
  • Single point of contact

The transition process

Moving from one IT support supplier to another can be daunting. We totally understand that often when it comes to IT services schools are reticent to change. The old adage “Better the devil you know” often prevails. Moving to a new IT services provider really does not need to be a disruptive or painful process, it just requires some careful planning and preparation. We have developed a three phase process for transitioning schools from one IT services supplier to Platform 365. Typically it involves the following:-

Phase 1: Pre-contract commencement

During this phase we will meet with the key contacts at your school. Internally we will set up the Platform 365 Help Desk and our remote support application, Team Viewer, evaluate your documentation and assess any outstanding IT issues and commence training our internal team on your specific requirements.


Phase 2: Implementation of standard processes

The next stage is where we start to implement standard processes that will streamline the support and administrative functions for your team. This includes developing a starter/leaver process, implementing a standard remote access solution, advising on a standard backup solution, reviewing, advising and implementing on a standard device management strategy and, for multi academy trusts, implementing a Wide Area Network (WAN) for all the schools in the trust.

Phase 3: Data and device protection

The final phase is where we drill down into the details of your IT environment. We review and report on your antivirus and antimalware setup, your secure data transfer solutions, portable device and removable media encryption and safeguards.


If you are interested to find out more about how Platform 365 can help your school to access business class IT support and services please get in touch.
Call 020 3929 9360 or email info@platform365.education.

Is now a good time...

We’d be pleased to speak with you for a free initial consultation. We will listen and understand the challenges you’re facing and, when you’re ready, be available to support you and your school community.

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