Client focused computing

At Platform 365 our focus is always about delivering outstanding customer service, without compromise, across all of the IT support services that we offer.

"The whole team, from the help desk through to senior management, are always available whenever we need them and their “nothing is too much trouble” attitude is a credit to Mark and the client focused culture he has created."

There are certain key values that underpin everything that we do as a company:-


An established culture of ownership, never blame someone else.

Our clients know that there is no “buck passing” at Platform 365. Our team take ownership. They are committed to achieving the end goal, which is always to deliver the best possible IT solution for the client.

Platform 365 transparency


In everything we do, both internally and with our clients.

There is a “dark side” to our world of IT. Maybe because it is an industry where it can be relatively easy to baffle clients with jargon and acronyms?

Whatever the reason, when we started out, back in 2005, we decided that honesty and integrity were going to be hardwired into Platform 365’s DNA.

We work on a “no surprises” policy. For example, if we quote you a price that is the price you pay, regardless of whether the project turns out to be far more complex than we initially believed.


We are constantly looking at new solutions and how to improve processes.

Technology is a lightning fast paced business. There is no room for IT support providers who cannot keep up to speed with the latest technologies and thinking.

Platform 365 is driven by innovation. We keep our “finger on the pulse” with what is happening in the market so that we are in a position to advise our clients on the best IT solutions for their business. As well as looking externally we also look within to constantly appraise and improve our internal processes.


An emphasis to communicate clearly to our clients even when problems arise.

Let’s be honest, the stereotypical “IT crowd” are not really big on communication! That is one of the reasons why part of our recruitment strategy is to hire IT specialists who are personable.

“Techies” who know how to talk to clients in a way that makes the client feel comfortable and confident in all circumstances. Such people are a rare breed but we definitely have them in our team!


All our team are highly qualified and continually improving their skill-sets.

Dealing with a myriad of IT set ups in a diverse range of businesses on a day to day basis requires a real aptitude and understanding of many aspects of technology. The people within our team are all qualified in IT, undertake regular training and development programmes and are always looking at how they can improve the service they deliver.



We understand that our clients rely on us and we never take that for granted.

IT is a critical part of any business. From accessing data to protection from cyber security to facilitating sales – if any part of an organisation’s IT infrastructure fails the consequences can be far reaching.

At Platform 365 we get that. Our team understand the importance of what we do for your business and fully accept our responsibility in ensuring that your IT runs smoothly. We are your back room team, the glue that holds everything together – and you can always rely on us.

If you would like to find out more please call us on 020 3929 9360