At Platform 365 for Education, we have 9 years of experience of providing business class IT support to our highly satisfied clients.

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Because of our experience, we understand that there are far too many variables for a “standard IT support contract” to be viable. This is why there are no off-the-shelf solutions offered at Platform 365, our IT support services are tailored to your exact requirements.

We appreciate the budgetary constraints that you are working under. Our management team will work with you to identify and prioritise decision making for the long-term strategic gain, rather than short term reactive fixes.

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Why choose Platform 365 for your IT support?

“I’ve 20 years experience in education and IT. During that time I’ve been a Senior Leader and Head Teacher in primary and secondary settings. My role now is to help your school achieve excellence with EdTech solutions.”

Jo Roberts, Schools Development Manager, Platform 365

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We’d be pleased to speak with you for a free initial consultation. We will listen and understand the challenges you’re facing and, when you’re ready, be available to support you and your school community.

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