In response to the Department for Education’s ‘Meeting digital and technology standards in schools and colleges‘, our Schools Development Manager, Jo, was asked to write an article for The Headteacher magazine.

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The article discusses the opportunities and obstacles that the standards for Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity present for schools. There’s little contention that the standards suggest a sensible baseline infrastructure for schools if they want to benefit from the amazing technology solutions on offer to enhance teaching and learning.  In some doubt, however, is the financial capacity for some schools to implement these.

Here are the 5 steps from the article to help you review your school’s readiness for the new standards:

  • Take a look at the DfE’s publication to become familiar with the expectations.
  • Work with your IT support team to identify whether your infrastructure meets the standards. Pre-empt the inclusion of cybersecurity standards and include these in your review.  If you fall short, identify all areas for improvement and get costs for these.
  • Identify the project as a priority within your development plans:
    • What positive impact to other areas of your school could enhanced digital connectivity bring?
    • How does it sit within your procurement planning cycle? Bear in mind that upgrades and maintenance costs will be ongoing.
  • If you haven’t already, develop a Digital Strategy with the support of your IT supplier to ensure that the investment in infrastructure is maximised in terms of benefits to teaching, learning and administration in your school.
  • In the coming months, organisations and schools will be offering support on how to meet these standards so reach out and benefit from their experience – it may save you time and money in the long run!